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The Dog’s Ball Yellow

The Dog’s Ball Yellow


Its our mission to produce products that pass our Quality of Life Test: products that contribute positively to your dogs health, happiness and overall wellbeing & that help your dog to live their best life.

The Dogs Balls were designed for retrieval games to satisfy and control your dogs prey drive - the instinctive inclination to chase - while also providing them with the physical exercise they need to be calmer at home.

Playing a game of fetch is a safe and healthy way to curb the overwhelming desire some breeds have to chase smaller animals and moving objects such as cars, skateboards and bicycles. nspired by tennis. Made for dogs.

The Dogs Balls are like tennis balls, only better: they have thicker sphere walls than that of standard tennis balls and are made to be robust retrieval toys. Theyve also been subjected to stringent tests designed for items that can be placed in the mouth, and were proud to tell you that The Dogs Balls have been confirmed to be non-toxic and safe for dogs.

Quality is the keystone of our brand.

We want our products to meet both our high standards and yours, so we use premium materials to produce our balls and weve had the quality of The Dogs Balls verified by two international third party companies specialising in inspection, testing, verification and certification.

We also conducted in-use tests with dogs ranging in size from toy breeds to giant breeds to make sure that we were producing balls that would be easy to use & long-lasting. We continue to maintain rigorous quality control processes to ensure that a product of the highest quality that stands up to the claims we make for it is delivered to you in perfect condition.

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