Green & Wilds Original Antler Dog Chews

Green & Wilds Original Antler Dog Chews

These chews are the antler tip, which are the most nutritious part of the Antler. These are great for puppies or miniature breeds, full of flavour and small in size. Great for teething puppies to gnaw on. 

These chews contain a number of good minerals and they are incredibly hard and long lasting. Your dog will find them exciting and irresistible. This is a totally natural product, free from additives or preservatives, its hypoallergenic, just pure and natural! 

Tough Chews.
Super Hard, super tough, cut from our toughest antler, a solid block of tough antler chew for big tough chewers.
Had enough of inferior chews only lasting a couple of days or less? This chew comes in at between 290 and 350grams. Our tough chews are handpicked from the heaviest, toughest deer antler we can get, and then we cut and prepare the toughest part, the pedicle.
These very strong and heavy chews are for the strongest jawed dogs, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Irish Wolf Hounds and German Shepherds. We've had great feedback on how long these last compared with other chews. These will last weeks, probably months, which is great value for you and your dog.

They are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives, just pure and natural!

Healthy, unprocessed, nutritious, low odour chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes, that lasts for ages.

Finest quality…........not all antler chews are the same!

All our Premium Antler chews are from Grade A and AA, Red Deer antler, naturally shed, responsibly sourced, traceable and sustainable, many from the highlands of Scotland.
Our antler is hand washed in pure water, hand cut, hand sanded to smooth all the edges. Then every chew is hand checked for quality and labelled, all here in the UK, in our own facility.
Antler has some unique and proven benefits:
High in natural minerals and nutrients
Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol
Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints
Maintains healthy cells, aids the immune system
Helps prevent inflamation from arthritic conditions
Made from our Grade A Antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free ranging deer that live natural lives. No deer are ever harmed
Low odour, no stains and lasts for ages.
This is a natural product and the antlers will vary in size and shape.