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Puppy Powder Dog Mist

Puppy Powder Dog Mist

Puppy Powder Fragranced Mist, Coat Mist.

This dog fragrance is perfect for refreshing and deodorising dog coats, while leaving an attractive smelling baby powder scent.

This mist contains chamomile extract to soothe skin, and is perfect for after a pampering session.

Fragranced with the popular Baby Powder scent this refreshing coat spritzer with natural deodoriser will instantly kill bad odours.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Lasts 48- 72 hours


  • Ingredients & Safety Advice

    Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse and seek medical advise if causes irritation.

    Avoid contact with broken skin.

    Store in a cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight.

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